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Backed up by decades of experience, we are prepared to solve any special industrial automation task. We provide advanced solutions to meet the needs of both single and mass-production clients. We will help you with design, software development, installation as well as maintenance for your custom device or complete system project. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we will also provide you with consulting services enabling you with the all the essential information to make an informed decision on improvement issues.


Our portfolio also includes:


  1. ■  full industrial implementation and automation (PLC, SCADA system, access control systems),

  2. ■  measurement technology implementation (volume, level, dissolved oxygen, pH, COD, etc),

  3. ■  full automation and implementation of wastewater plants and systems,

  4. ■  full electrical and control engineering design of grain processing systems (Grap) including automation with logging, alarms and remote PC

  5. ■ monitoring functionality. Small and large livestock farms, automatic lighting, automatic climate control, etc.

With many years of experience in the automotive industry, we provide you with high quality design, construction and programming services for industrial automation and control technology.


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