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The work of Penta-Elektrik's construction team duly reflects our professional abilities and skills. Our key to success is the close cooperation with major manufacturers and developers including Eaton, Festo, Hach-Lange, Legrand, Omron, Schneider-Electric and Siemens. Important elements of our work policy are people-focus, creativity and countinuous improvement. If you are interested in our technical solutions or electrical implementation, please contact us and our colleague will respond shortly.


Energy supply


The use of advanced technology is essential for energy supply optimization. We manufacture control cabinets, power factor correction cabinets, distribution cabinets and boxes as well as other operational cabinets for industrial and commercial facilities including banks, hospitals, industrial and agricultural plants and stores.


Lightning and surge protection


In this increasingly advanced IT world, we need to emphasize the protection of the integrity of our computer systems since they are extremely sensitive to environmental influences such as lightning or overcharging. The appliances supplied by Penta-Elektrik will help you operate your IT backend or other management system in a safe and reliable way.


Reference implementation industries:

  1. Office Buildings (banks, offices, etc.)

  2. Commercial Facilities (supermarkets, shopping centers)

  3. Health & Education (hospitals, schools and facilities)

  4. Environmental Protection (drinking water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems)

  5. Agriculture (feed mixing plants, livestock farms)

  6. Food Industry (mills, bakeries, processing plants)

  7. Automotive Industry (automotive manufacturers, suppliers: automation, control engineering, etc.)

  8. Wood Industry


For more information, please contact us or send an email to info@penta-elektrik.hu.